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...can be death to a heating system. Please read on:


You don’t have to be a heating engineer to have experienced cold radiators, or noisy ones - or noisy boilers. Many of us have heard boilers chugging away in a friend’s home, or the rotten experience of a cold room due to a radiator just, well, not radiating!


Radiators are almost always steel. Although they are painted on the outside, on the inside they’re just bare steel. Add water, and maybe some air, or (horror of horrors) some chemicals, and you have rust. The radiator starts to degrade - and it’s all downhill. The tiny particles of rust will make their way to every part of the heating system - other radiators, valves, pumps and, of course, the boiler. The corrosion will accumulate in every corner. Left unchecked, it will start to close the system down, strangling it of heat emission. The radiators will be less and less efficient. A cold spot, usually right in the middle, may form.


It’s maybe at this point that it’s realised that there is something ‘wrong’ with the heating. In many cases, a ‘power-flush’ is called for. This is very basically a large pump moving water around a system at great velocity to purge the magnetite-sludge out. Except that it doesn’t! The very best power-flush might move 80% out. The truth, however, is that most power-flushes might not even get 50% of it out. Consumers aren’t told this when they are presented with a bill for £600 or so! Many power-flushes are even carried out in an incorrect procedure.


So prevention is always better than cure.


As magnetite-sludge is magnetic, all you have to do is ensure that magnetic particles, like rust, are collected BEFORE they can do damage. And that’s where magnetic filters come in. Food companies have been doing it for decades, ensuring that their food-production areas use a magnetic filter to attract any ferrous particles before the food gets packaged. It’s a simple idea. However, that magnet and the filter itself, has to be of adequate size and performance to work. And the filter should be tough. That’s why we think the BoilerGuard is THE best. We know it’s exceptional - no other domestic magnetic filter can match its toughness. Then we went and did a whole lot of other stuff to ensure it really is the best you can buy. Please read all about it on our main page HERE.






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